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Words are important mediums used to convey messages, ideas, directions and more, so that the listener may be inspired to firstly believe and then take steps to act on these words. In gospel music, there’s a whole lot of meaningful and inspiring messages loaded into song lyrics (words) with a definite purpose of making someone’s life better and getting them to know Christ. But beyond the words and song lyrics comes the action and the part where we show examples of what we preach and sing.

Frank Edwards is among one of the many gospel artists in Nigeria who are reaching out as a source of hope and strength to kids out there in the streets needing help. The Award winning gospel music artist took out time to reach out to a homeless kid named Daniel who has been living in the streets, under the bridge for two years. Taking it upon himself to change the boy’s life, Frank brought hope to this young lad. He went beyond singing the words of a song, by doing something actionable with the gospel.

It is an inspiring story that portrays us as God’s outstretched hands to our world .This is just one of the many things Frank is involved in, changing and inspiring lives. There are lots of gospel artists making impact and reaching out to the needy and left-out of our immediate society . We celebrate and encourage them to keep up the work, together lets go beyond the lyrics to change our world and live the example. Selah.

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