This Saturday June 17 #SomebodyPRAY Holds!! You Don’t Want To Miss This!! Register Now

The revival is spreading all across the nations. #SomebodyPRAY comes up this Saturday June 17 2017. A 9-hour prayer concert in multiple centres across Nigeria.

Pastor Gideon Mba who is the front line of this movement encourages everyone to be a part of this movement, stating that it is going to be an exciting and fun encounter with God:

“On the 17th of june something exciting is about to happen. 9 hours non-stop of young people under the age of 40 praying all around this country simultaneously

Thousands of young people praying, seeking God and having a God encounter. Having fun and literally praying in the Holyghost.

You don’t want to miss out on this, get online, register, get details and tell your friends. Get the T-shirts and just begin to tell people about this movement. Register for FREE at

God is set to do something unprecedented in our nation and he is about to use you and I. My name is Gideon and I represent that next generation that will pray”

David Kennor also takes time to describe why this movement is necessary. He declares that it is high time Nigeria goes through the reformation and transformation that we have all been praying for.

He states that this will happen through a ‘next generation leadership’, next generation who will stand tall against every form of temptation but cling to the purpose of turning Nigeria around for the better:

“MISSION 58:12 “Those from among you shall build the old waste places;You shall raise up the foundations of many generations;And you shall be called the Repairer of the Breach,The Restorer of Streets to Dwell in”. Isa.58:12

Nigeria is ripe for a true reformation and transformation that will be brought about by a ‘next generation leadership’. Every sphere of our national life must experience the invasion of an army of reformers who will be passionate and purposeful in the pursuit of real change for our people.”

He continued by saying that these refomations will be introduced by a value driven and patriotic generation and that God is already raising such men and women:

“A generation of influencers who will be intensional with using their platforms to strategically infuse the values and vision of a new national narrative for our country. Men and women who will not be perverted or contaminated with the spirit of greed,corruption and mediocrity that has eroded many of our public and private sector institutions.

Reforms will be introduced by these God- inspired, value driven and patriotic young generation who will dare to use their expertise, experience and exposure to bring about a transformed Nigeria. We are already beginning to see some of these young people evolve in the ranks across some sectors in our land. And many more are arising.

It takes transformed people to transform a nation. God is raising such men and women that will be BUILDERS not wasters, REPAIRS not destroyers, RESTORERS not complainers who will transform Nigeria to the next generation.”

He ended by declaring that those who make the decision to join in this movement are signing up to be part of the people that will transform Nigeria:

“As you stand with thousands of young people to pray on this Saturday,the 17th of June for 9hours (8am-5pm) across the country,you are signing up to be one of such people God will use to transform Nigeria.
WE DECLARE A MISSION 58:12 (activating Isaiah 58:12 as we pray today)

Lord raise up the next generation leaders for this nation who will bring about reformation and transformation in Nigeria.

You are ONE OF THEM… Join the movement…THIS IS THAT GENERATION!”

Tell everyone around you about what God is doing and encourage your friends, family and colleagues to register today at

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