Ehyor – MioFearEyan πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ | @ehyordaboss @ehyordaboss2 @jethitmusik

when you are very angry because someone went away with your 200 naira. and you dont care what will come out of it .
Mio fear eyan will make you laff out loud…
MioFearEyan Competition
do a 1minute or 30sec video using the word #MioFearEyan
upload it on instagram and use the hastag
#MioFearEyan #50,000price #MioFearEyancompetition
and tag and follow @ehyordaboss on instagram
The 1st 10 fans that have the highest view wins
winners will be annouced on instagram
start posting your own #MioFearEyan NOW.


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