AUDIO: SpiritualBeatz – The Battle Won (ft Kelly Lyon, Crix B & Soltune) | @kellylyonn @crixb360

The things we’ve seen, the works we’ve wrought; through words they came existing. Message upon message, prophecies after prophecies; the Man of God has not stopped talking From a town he started reaching, teaching and preaching; now in every nation we are spreading For sure, this Gospel is real, this Gospel is true! We’re not here for some joking Wake up! Rise up! Stand up! Brace up! There ain’t time for any sleeping! We’re in a war and It’s big deal. It’s for the souls of men that we are fighting! We’re up against the enemy Satan, an evil adversary, a roaring dragon that is never relenting Put on the whole armour; stay alert and be ever ready; for the battle is just beginning!


Loveworld Music & Arts Records present to you, a new single from titled: “The Battle Won” by SpiritualBeatz ft Kelly Lyon the CEO. Of SpiritualBeatz CrixB + Soltune. #spiritualbeatz production.

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