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Have you ever considered the seas, the birds, the trees, creation in general? Have you considered how far God has brought you? The battles He’s fought for you and the victories He has won for you? All these and more testify that there is not only a God, but He is a mighty God who does amazing things. ‘Amazing God’ is a song birth from a place of wonder and gratefulness and Ccioma invites you to join her in the praise of this great God who is amazing in every way!

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(Written by Ccioma)

Verse 1
Great and mighty God
You are greater than they say
Brighter than the sun
Lord to you darkness is day
Holy, Holy, God Almighty
Who reigns in majesty

You’re amazing, yes You are
You amaze me all the time
You are great, yes You are
Doing great things all the time
Amazing God, Faithful God, Mighty God

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