VIDEO: if all i say is jesus – dunsin oyekan

I am tempted to write a whole feature on this man of God, Dunsin Oyekan, but lets leave that for another day and concentrate on this song and this video. Tara Durotoye share a one minute clip of this video and this song. She got it from her husband Fela Durotoye who sent it to her almost in same time frame. Then Michael Philips of Renaissance media also shared it and I got to hear the song and watch the video. As a media critic, i must say the video quality is not much to write home about, but the song……….the song Oh my God. It hits you like thunder bolt. The melody, the harmony, the words and the liquid fire or power that pierces through you as you listen to it over and over again. I headed straight online to look for where to buy the song. This video is a live recording of the Code Red worship programme. The song engulfs you just ask the words of the music say ”You have captured my heart”.


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