Sammie Okposo Speaks On Discrimination Amongst Gospel Artistes

Sammie Okposo ways in on lingering ministry justification issues among gospel artistes. It has been brought to my notice that some Nigerian gospel music ministers are running their fellow gospel music ministers down saying all manner of unchristian like things about their supposed to be brothers and sisters.
I hear they have even gone as far as elevating themselves to the ones who decide the kind of music that is worthy and acceptable to God;
1. Who made you a judge over anyone?
2. What makes you think you have the capacity to decide what kind of music is pleasing to God?
3. How dare you go about misleading people saying that its only your kind of music that is pleasing and acceptable to God.
4. God does not need your approval for HIM the Almighty, all knowing, all seeing God to accept a sacrifice of praise, Delete repeated word dance, spoken word, etc

5. Who deceived you that its only your expression that’s pleasing and acceptable to God?
6. There is a reason why there are not only Nigerians in the world God created all kinds of people all over the world worshiping him in different languages and expressions.
7. If you are blessed and gifted to express your ministry via worship, praise, dance, spoken word, Christian Rap, gospel hip hop, gospel comedy, gospel reggae, gospel smooth jazz, gospel deejay, etc please stay in your lane and focus on your ministry
8. Apart from praise and worship there are numerous forms of expression within the confines of gospel music that people have been blessed with don’t go running others down and presenting your expression as the only one that’s acceptable to God
9. Identify your race choose your pace run your race in your lane keep your heart clean and leave others alone its not about you at all at all its all about Jesus
10. King David’s wife tried to obstruct King David’s dance offering to God that she did not understand we all know what happened to her.

These are the words said by Sammie Okposo and I think Nigerian Gospel Artistes should take out time to read this. @sammieokposo

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