Nigerian Pastor Shares Photos Of His Vacation In A ‘Foreign Land’ To Encourage His Followers

Bishop Dr. Sam Zuga aka Jehova’s Field Marshal took to Facebook to share these photos of his hotel in a ‘foreign land’. He also said his friend who is from the US thinks Nigerian women are the worst, He captioned the photos thus:

” want to encourage everyone who is following me that, God cannot be a time waster. I may not meet your needs the time you want it, but I have a good intention for you. I started with God long time ago, it was as if He is wasting my time. But I concluded that, let me just continue with God, if I go to meet devil now, I will still start a fresh. But if I continue with God, one day God will remember that I have been with Him for long and He will consider me. Today, my story has changed. See my hotel in a foreign land

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