“Multitude Of People Came Out To Get Born Again, See What God Can Do With Rap Music” – Tru South

The Blw Rapper, 2rusouth Continues With The Message Of Rap Music, He took to share to his official Page, he said!!!

Yesterday at the total experience something amazing happened …The Zonal Pastor asked us to do 2 songs right before he comes up to minister. After we did the songs ..”ONE LIFE AND THE ARRIVAL” the zonal Pastor came up and said ” I don’t have to preach anymore before doing the alter call… The rap nation already preached so if you are here And u are not born again come out … Then these multitude of people came out to get born again…See what God can do with Rap Music… They didn’t hear any preaching ..Just the Rap Songs ministered to them and they came out in their thousands to get born again.#somebodypraiseJesus

Watch the video below!!

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