Kelly Wright’s New Single, ‘America Great Again’ Available Today!

Kelly Wright, award-winning journalist, is well-known as a powerful and esteemed newsman, along with being an exceptional musician. Today, Wright combines his love for country and music with the release of the inspiring, hopeful, and patriotic song, “America Great Again.” The track is available on all digital platforms.

“First of all, NO! This was not written about or in response to today’s news and the current political climate,” Wright comments. “This song is not about what divides us. It’s about the values and faith that unites us.” Indeed, the song was written several years ago by songwriter Marty Funderburk.

Kelly’s desire is to unite all Americans and he has consistently sought to point the lens to positive news to counteract the negative.


Kelly Wright is an ordained minister, journalist, author, speaker and vocalist. After his college career at ORU, Kelly served in the U.S. Army and then pursue his passion for journalism. He has secured many high-profile interviews, including an exclusive interview with First Lady Laura Bush in 2007, and has covered stories such as the U.S. handover of sovereignty to Iraq. He co-produced a documentary and news series on the transatlantic slave trade and has earned two Emmy Awards. Kelly’s experiences in news have placed him on the front lines in Iraq, Africa, London and Paris, and at the White House, Pentagon, U.S. Capitol, and other places of influence. A two-time Emmy Award winner (Capitol Region), Kelly offers a unique perspective to his craft. He encourages people through his passionate preaching of the Good News in a bad-news world.

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