Frank Edwards Gifts A Lady N50,000 On Instagram For Answering A Simple Question

Rocktownboss gives the sum of N50,000 to a female Instagram user for answering a question. He posted on Instagram..see caption below.

All these one you are talking is long story!! How much una go buy the music !! It’s not Free !! ? How much ?

Unfortunately a young female was the 1st person to answer the question. And she said N50, Suddenly Frank Edwards Decides to add 3 zero digit to her answer.which is N50,000naira and decides to credit her.. . after Florence answered he said..

GOD BLESS YOU!!!!!! I was just waiting for someone to mention an amount!!! I just wanted to add more zeros to the first persons mention and bless them with that amount. I Know if I had said ( what is in this box) like I did d last give away everybody will rush !!! so I came from d giving angle and true colors came out !!!! So @flowitlove I just added 3 zeros to ur figure 50,000 oya send your account details . Sharp!

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