Daily Confession Heaven responds to your call

Confessing God’s word is a sure way to build the life you desire. The text for today’s confession is 2 Corinthians 6:2 (GNB):
“Hear what God says: “When the time came for me to show you favour I heard you; when the day arrived for me to save you, I helped you.” Listen! This is the hour to receive God’s favour; today is the day to be saved!”
God is the controller of times and seasons, and he’s well aware of everything that’s going on in your life right now. No matter how hard things might seem, please believe that God is ready to save you.
Call on him and watch how his favour can turn your life around forever. God bless you.
Daily Confessions
God surrounds me with His favour like a shield.
Today is my day for favour.
I receive God’s favour this very hour in Jesus name.
God causes men to favour me.

God hears me and answers my prayers.
Heaven responds to my call.
I receive God’s help in every area of my life.

“As surely as I live, declares the LORD, I will do to you the very thing I heard you say” – Numbers 14:28 (NIV)

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