AUDIO: Cyude – I Believe | LYRICS @CyudeOfficial

LAGOS, NIGERIA – Shortly after his debut release last year 2015 with the single “Champions“, Cyude follows up with another inspiring piece that will get you filled with worship.

His new single “I Believe” is a declaration of God’s word and his grace. Cyude is a member of the BLW RAPNATION. Listen to this powerful piece and stir up the faith in you.



I believe in miracles
I believe in faith
I believe in hope and love
I believe in signs and wonders
I believe in prophecy
I believe in grace
I believe in the power of your word
I believe in your spirit
I believe the tale that God lives in me
The Holy Bible told me so
And his word cannot lie
I believe you bore my pains on the cross
Now I am free

Lord I believe
Lord I believe your word
O yea

It’s true

I believe he took away poverty
He took away infirmities
He will do it again today here and now
He’s the great provider
He’s the balm of Gilead
He will do it again

Lord I believe
Lord I believe
Lord I believe your word
Lord I believe your word today
Lord I believe….

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